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ABOUt me

I am an LA-based film maker here to talk about all aspects of film. My interest in cameras started at a young age, we are talking VHS days. When DSLR's first started being used as film tools, it was game-on after that. I remember spending hours researching the best cameras and lenses that could fit into my independent budget. After countless "test" videos and practice, I knew I had to take my gear into the field.  We all had that moment as a young filmmaker. I thought it would be a clever idea to go to the nearest music venue and poach some musicians for some video work. The idea was successful and I started developing relationships with local bands who needed content and music videos. My obsession with film and storytelling only grew. I soon began filming and editing projects for a lot of bands. Eventually, commercial work started to flow in and before I knew It, I was working as a full-time video editor at a production house in Seattle, WA. 

After years of working for productions houses, I ended up being asked to start a company in Los Angles for Video Production. It wasn't that hard of a question to answer.  I could only respond back with "when?" I was involved in all aspects of the production process, and quickly started working on projects that started gathering attention in media.  Several Music videos that I filmed and edited went viral. A film that I created reached 14 million views on Youtube, making it my most viewed project on a single video. I was featured in an article for Billboard magazine for my directing skills for music video I made for a rap duo called "Veno." It wasn't long after that I began working on high-profile projects such as Tidal, Spotify, Live Nation, Tonebase, and the Daytime Emmy's.

When people ask me why I like film, I immediately explain that I love telling a story through imagery. If I can successfully cut a commercial and share a story that really impacts an audience, I find happiness in that. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of my journey to create  amazing content, please contact me to discuss your ideas and concepts. I would love to share your story through imagery. 

-Philip Engle