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YOUNG LUNGS - Three Part Music Video

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Rap Artist "Young Lungs" invited me out to shoot a three-part music video that would serve as one short film when stitched together.

I have worked with Sebastien (Young Lungs) before on several projects. I remember receiving a phone call from him last august asking if we could hop on another project for an upcoming release he was planning. Three music videos, shot at Young Lungs home town; Waterloo, Canada. This was a one-man trip to Canada. I brought a Steadicam, Red Dragon 5K, and zero lights.

All three tracks represented a journey. It was a moment in time, where being a teen was a major part of life. It was about the ups and downs kids went through before adulthood. There was a scene I filmed where Young Lungs was cracking open a few beers with his friends by a river. I thought to myself "this is stuff I use to do when I was a kid."

The project was shot gorilla style. I was a fly on the wall, observing the backyard of Sebastian's youth. The premise of all three videos depicted a young man on his one night of self discovery. What appealed the most about Sebastian's ideas were that they didn't have rules. There was no begining or end. It was all about a feeling.

The project was shot with almost no budget. A passion project. We used lights only one time the whole shoot. Although there were times where I wish it could have been better, I later realized that the project felt good in the end. That is what matters most.

Go check out the videos on Young Lungs YouTube.

Full Short

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